Kenyon Energy Moves Into the New Mexico Solar Market

Kenyon Energy and funding partner Sun Financial have completed an acquisition of their first New Mexico solar facility near Taos, New Mexico in late September, 2012.  The 1.5MW facility, known as Blue Sky One, will benefit the local electric cooperative customers.

“Solar is a valuable source of electric power and an attractive investment opportunity in New Mexico, as it generates reliable electricity and does not burn fossil fuels.” said Dennis Odden, Senior Vice President of Kenyon Energy. “We are excited by the opportunity to expand our operations into New Mexico.  This project will benefit the local electric cooperative and its customers for years to come.”

Blue Sky One is located on a 23-acre site north of Taos near the Río Grande Gorge.  The array consists of 5,280 photovoltaic panels mounted on a single-axis tracking system that follows the sun’s path throughout the day, thus maximizing energy production.  The tracking array, in concert with the high desert climate, ensures maximum solar exposure without loss from shading. The facility is expected to produce 3.3 million kilowatt-hours of energy in its first year.  This production will offset more than 21,535 tons of carbon dioxide.

Kenyon Energy is a national, independent power producer providing direct, solar-generated electricity to municipalities, utilities and corporations.  Kenyon Energy finances, plans, develops, and operates distributed and grid-connected solar power facilities, delivering renewable electricity nationwide. To learn more about Kenyon Energy, please visit

Sun Financial provides financing for solar projects.  Sun currently owns and operates a growing array of solar power generating facilities in multiple states across the USA.  These distributed power systems benefit the local power user, the local community, the local utility and the global environment.  To learn more about Sun Financial, please visit

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