Practicing Green Initiatives

Sustainability means many things to many people. At Kenyon Energy, we believe sustainability relates to protecting our environment and making sure that we leave our planet cleaner for future generations.

We also believe sustainability extends to finances and budgets. Offsetting current energy costs helps extend budgets and lock in energy rates against future price hikes.

Environmental Sustainability

We believe every sunrise is an opportunity to help increase human sustainability. Kenyon Energy is dedicated to developing projects that help protect our environment and leverage the clean energy power of Mother Nature.


Solar energy produces virtually no greenhouse gases or carbon emissions.  And the best thing about solar energy is that it never runs out. The sun will rise everyday but fossil fuels will run out one day. This means the sun is waiting for you to put it to work.

Financial Sustainability

Our customers not only help protect the environment, they protect themselves from uncertainty and increased energy costs. For example, solar power empowers school districts to take charge of shrinking budgets and use the energy savings to reinvest in teachers and equipment.

Whether you’re a business, a municipality, or a school district, solar energy is an investment and a community service.

That’s what we call sustainability. Good for the planet. Good for you.

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